Digital Magazines


RBdigital is a platform for digital magazines available to Demarest library card holders. Over 200 titles are available on a wide range of subjects, including National Geographic, Vogue, The New Yorker, Newsweek and more! RBdigital magazines can be read on your computer or in one of their apps on your smartphone or tablet.

RBdigital and OneClickDigital and Zinio, oh my!

Currently the company we get our digital magazines from is in the process of combining and streamlining its services. What was once OneClickDigital and Zinio are being combined into RBdigital. However, while the iOS app has been updated to search and read magazines, it is still called the OneClickDigital app, and the apps for Windows and Kindle have not been updated and are still called Zinio.

If you already downloaded the Zinio or Zinio for Libraries to read library magazines, you can still use it, but eventually the apps will be shut down. That’s why we suggest if you can download the updated app, you do so. Your Zinio for Libraries account has been converted to an RBdigital account and remains the same; use the same email and password to log in and you should find the magazines you have checked out in the new app once you log in.

If you’re having any trouble accessing digital magazines, please stop by the library and we’ll do our best to help you out. We apologize for the inconvenience of this transition, but once it’s complete it should result in an easier experience for everyone.

What do I need to get started?
  1. A valid library card.
  2. An RBdigital account.
    • This is the account you’ll use to browse and check out the library’s collection of magazines. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account when you check out a magazine, and you’ll need to enter your library card number to set up your account.
    • Once your RBdigital account is set up, you’ll use the email address and password you signed up with to check out magazines. If you plan to access your magazines through your computer, Apple, or Android device, you can skip to step 4!
  3. If you want to access your magazines via a Kindle Fire or Windows device: A account.
    • You must use the same email address to sign up for your regular Zinio account as you did to sign up for your RBdigital account. Using the same email address connects your two accounts so that the magazines you check out with your library account show up when you’re ready to read them.
    • If you already have a account (you’ve bought digital magazines from Zinio in the past), use the email address associated with that account to register for your RBdigital account.
  4. The RBdigital/OneClickDigital or app (which one you need depends on which device you’re using).
How do I get the magazine I want?
  1. Browse or search for the magazine you want through the library collection page or the RBdigital/OneClickDigital app. Do not browse through the Zinio app; you will have to pay for those magazines.
  2. When you’ve found the magazine you want, click on the cover image to check out the most recent issue or back issues. You can also click the check out icon () to check out the most recent issue available. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in to or create an RBdigital account.
  3. The magazine is now checked out to your account! If you’re on a computer, you can click “Start reading” to read in your browser.
    • The first time you use the RBdigital/OneClickDigital app: You will be asked to select your country and then log in with the email address and password you used when you created your RBdigital account. At this time, you cannot create your RBdigital account within the app.
    • When using the RBdigital/OneClickDigital app: Open the menu, select “Checked Out”, and you should see your checked-out magazines there. Tap an issue’s “Read” button to start reading. You may need to wait for the magazine to be downloaded to your device.
    • If you’re using the app: Create or log into your account. (Make sure you use the same email address as you did for your RBdigital account!) Go to the Library section (the open book icon) and tap on your magazine to start reading. You may need to wait for the magazine to be downloaded to your device.
  4. Keep the magazines as long as you like! They do not expire and there are no holds lists. If you’d like to remove an issue from your device, go to your checked out magazines, and hit the X at the top right corner. The issue will be removed.
Help! I can’t get this to work!
If you need help, you can drop by the library and meet with Orla, our instructional technology librarian, for one-on-one help. You can also call us at 201-768-8714 for help or to set up a meeting. Here are some more resources: